JP Edition Hyundai Genesis Concept


JP Edition Hyundai Genesis Details:

Set to debut at the 2013 SEMA event

Painted having a custom BASF Atlantis Blue

Metal flares designed by Jon Sibal

Audio system built by BP Auto Sound using Alpine Electronics

We wouldn’t dare modify a Hyundai in fear of being laughed at, let’s be realistic before the Hyundai Genesis came out. When word spread about Hyundai creating a rear-wheel drive car it spread like wildfire. But leave it as much as tuner John Pangalinan to turnover the already impressive Hyundai Genesis into something even cooler – he made it happen to a Veloster

The JP Edition Hyundai Genesis Coupe will debut during this year’s SEMA Show on November 5th-8th in Las Vegas. The initial thing you’ll notice about the JP Edition Genesis Coupe may be the custom-developed BASF Atlantis Blue exterior color applied by Auto Explosion. John Pangilinan is really a creative genius colored development, especially in his capability to blend color with specific vehicle concepts like the JP Edition Genesis Coupe, said Scott Margason, director, product planning, Hyundai Motor America. We’re excited to see the last concept turning heads in our booth with the SEMA show.

The paint is only the beginning of the exterior modifications Pangilinan has done. To highlight the rear-wheel drive powered Genesis coupe, proportions are staggered with ultra-wide custom metal fender flares from TS Designs, designed by the talented Jon Sibal. The graphics in the car were taken care of by S&A Design.

An APR carbon-fiber splitter and Seibon carbon fiber side and rear lip kits have been fitted to improve aerodynamics and to aid in weight reduction. The massive 19-inch MORR VS52 concave mono-forged wheels sit perfectly with the KW Variant 3 coilovers. Together with perfecting the stance and the body-to-wheel suspension Whiteline sway bars as well as an ARK Performance strut bar were added.

The engine modifications have been made with an entry-level tuner mindset. Basic parts happen to be fitted including an AEM cold air intake, an ARK Performance exhaust, turbo downpipe, and friction-reducing Lucas Oil.

Last, but not least is the interior design and entertainment. Inside the JD Edition cabin you’ll find Recaro Cross Sportster as Pangilinan’s range of seats. The inner has a heavy emphasis on entertainment. The sound system was built by BP Auto Sound and includes the Alpine INE – W927HD head unit, the SPR-60C component 2-way speaker system, SWR- T10 10 thin subwoofers, MRX-M55 mono power amp, and the MRX-F35 4/3/2 channel power amp. Scosche electronics helps in accessories adding an Accumat HyperFlex sound deadening kit, EFX Elite Series braided multi-core interconnects, speaker wire, amp power kit, and ground distribution block. All the electronics are powered through a Kinetik power battery and provide.

Hyundai has definitely stepped up their game in the tuning industry. But with John Pangilinan’s awareness of detail and fresh style, the two combined make a lethal force in the SEMA grounds.